“MAS LA TORRE”, It has its origin in the twelfth century, as an old “Communications Tower”.
Located on a peak in the middle of nature, where silence and the mountain merge in a mysterious embrace

At the end of the 15th century, it was enlarged and transformed to become a “Masia”, as a home.

Already in the 90s, of the 20th century, the owners proceeded to its reconstruction, to adapt it to current times, maintaining and preserving its origins. The facades are made of stone, like the interior walls, with thicknesses of more than 60 cm.

The farmhouse has 5 double rooms, each with a full bathroom in the room itself. Kitchen, living room with fireplace, dining room with fireplace, barbecue, cellar, outdoor terrace-dining room, reading area -outdoor seating, leisure area for children. It also has a wood oven for special meals.

“LA TORRE” today it is a rural house open to the public who love peace, tranquility, relaxation and rest, hiking trails, bicycles and everything related to nature..